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These Movies Feature All-Asian Casts

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Since the release of "Crazy Rich Asians" in 2018, there has been a growing interest in movies with all-Asian casts. Here are some other movies that feature all-Asian casts:

1. "The Farewell" (2019) - Written and directed by Lulu Wang, this comedy-drama stars Awkwafina as a Chinese-American woman who returns to China to say goodbye to her dying grandmother. The movie explores themes of family, tradition, and cultural differences.

2. "Minari" (2020) - Directed by Lee Isaac Chung, this drama tells the story of a Korean-American family who moves to a farm in Arkansas in the 1980s. The movie explores themes of identity, assimilation, and the American Dream.

3. "Better Luck Tomorrow" (2002) - Directed by Justin Lin, this crime-drama follows a group of Asian-American high school students who become involved in a web of crime and deception. The movie explores themes of identity, ambition, and the pressures of academic success.

4. "Joy Luck Club" (1993) - Directed by Wayne Wang, this drama is based on the bestselling novel by Amy Tan and tells the story of four Chinese-American women and their relationships with their mothers. The movie explores themes of family, tradition, and cultural identity.

5. "Always Be My Maybe" (2019) - Directed by Nahnatchka Khan, this romantic comedy stars Ali Wong and Randall Park as childhood friends who reconnect as adults. The movie explores themes of friendship, love, and cultural differences.

These movies, along with "Crazy Rich Asians," represent a growing trend in Hollywood towards greater representation and diversity in storytelling. They showcase the diversity and richness of Asian culture and provide a platform for Asian actors, writers, and directors to tell their stories. Have you seen all of them? What are we missing from this list? Comment below!

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