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Member Charter

The Asian American Professionals and Leadership Network (“AAPLN” or the "Network") sets forth the following Charter for its membership. AAPLN fully reserves the right to amend or supplement this Charter at its sole discretion.  By signing up for and joining AAPLN membership via the AAPLN website or other means, all members represent that they read, fully understand, and expressly agree to all of the terms and conditions of this Member Charter, without modification, as further outlined below:

  1. Members are encouraged to enthusiastically and meaningfully engage with the Network to further AAPLN’s mission to empower Asian American Pacific Islanders (“AAPI”) professionals to take our seat at the table.

  2. AAPLN invites every Member to consider getting more involved in the organization by networking, mentoring, sharing ideas and opportunities with other members.  

  3. All AAPLN leaders, volunteers, mentors, and mentees (collectively “Volunteers”) must be a member of AAPLN.  

  4. All AAPLN Volunteers may have created or gained access to certain information and work product that may be considered proprietary or trade secrets (collectively “Confidential Information”).  Any and all Confidential Information secured while engaging in AAPLN activities are the sole property of AAPLN, and shall only be used for AAPLN-related activity.  Any Confidential Information shall not be used for personal gain or any other non-AAPLN-related reasons pursuant to applicable law.  Any and all actual or potential conflicts of interests or breaches of this covenant must be immediately disclosed by the Volunteer to an AAPLN Board Member as they arise so that it can be promptly addressed.  All AAPLN Volunteers expressly represent and warrant that they are not using any proprietary information from their respective current or former employers or third parties for any AAPLN activity except as expressly permitted by same.  AAPLN and its Volunteers expressly agree that no policy, nor practice, is intended to create an employment relationship with AAPLN whatsoever.  Except for AAPLN Board Members and Officers (as they are governed by AAPLN’s By-Laws), Volunteers may terminate their work with AAPLN at any time.  These covenants by Volunteers survive the termination of any such work done for AAPLN.

  5. Members are expected to always conduct themselves in the utmost professional manner with other existing and prospective Members and any and all supporters of AAPLN in any and all AAPLN-sponsored events and programming, whether attending in-person, virtual, telephonically, or otherwise. 

  6. AAPLN has a zero-tolerance policy for any Member who engages in any conduct that is or perceived to be discriminatory, harassing, retaliatory, or otherwise inappropriate based on any protected classification or activity under applicable law.  AAPLN reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to investigate any such claims in good faith, and to suspend or revoke membership for any member who engages in such actual or perceived conduct.   AAPLN expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for Members who engage in such actual or perceived conduct to the maximum extent allowable by law.

  7. AAPLN does not make any representations or warranties with respect to its events or programming, except as otherwise expressly stated therein.  

  8. AAPLN fully reserves the sole right to take appropriate action with respect to any Member that violates this Charter, which includes, without limitation, suspension or expulsion from the Network.

  9. AAPLN seeks to enrich and reward the experiences of membership with all persons joining the network, regardless of any protected classification under applicable law.   We are all-inclusive, and expect that our Members be the same by treating everyone with respect and professionalism in AAPLN-sponsored activities. 

  10. AAPLN has a strong non-solicitation policy and does not allow proactive sales and marketing effort within the the AAPLN community for the sole purpose of driving future business.  

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