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Lead Membership Requirements

The AAPLN Lead membership experience is designed for those who have senior leadership responsibility within their organization or key influencers. We vet applicants for executive seniority to ensure our members can get support from true peers and provide leadership to other AAPLN members.  We use a range of factors to determine if your seniority level meets the criteria for the AAPLN Lead community. These include:


  • Titles, the most commonly held titles amongst our members are CXO and VP; we look for an equivalent title within your organization, industry, or geography

  • Company size, based on the number of full-time employees

  • Reporting structure, maximum 5 levels from CEO (varies with company size)

  • Size of the team managed, a minimum of 5 full time-employees (varies with company size)

  • For employees of extra-small businesses (company size under 30 full-time employees), we welcome applicants whose experience within the last two years meets our membership criteria OR whose business is a startup approaching $1M ARR. We may request additional information to assess both current and prior experience. 

  • Publications, show data or other information

  • Willingness to provide content twice a year through recorded or virtual live talks, interviews, and other content to guide other Asian American Professionals and Leaders in their career and business journeys.


If you have questions about your application or want to provide additional context about your professional experience, please contact us.

Lead Membership Application

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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