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Our Mission

Advancing AAPI Professionals and Leaders

The Asian American Professionals and Leadership Network started as a concept Linkedin group in 2008.  Today, the group has more than 3,000 members across roles, functions, and industries, throughout the US and abroad.  Although we have grown and evolved beyond Linkedin, our mission remains the same.  The AAPLN is here to connect, empower and advance API professionals to change the face of leadership and take our seats at the table.  

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An Asian businessman leading a discussion in a business conference room with 3 other associates

Changing the Face of Leadership

AAPI professionals face workplace bias and the bamboo ceiling.  According to research by the Harvard Business Review, white-collar Asian Americans are the least likely racial group to be promoted to management and executive positions across industries in the United States.

Asian Americans are stereotyped as the “model minority,” hard-working, polite and successful workers, but not good leaders.  This myth not only ignores differences in our communities, but also holds back Asian Americans. 


This is why one of AALPN's mission is to provide AAPI professionals the community, tools, and support to break the bamboo ceiling.  We will work together to change the face of leadership and finally take our seats at the table. 


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AALPN's Pillars of Success


Connections hold the key to new opportunities, mentorships, and support.  Network with other AAPI professionals across roles, functions and industries to build deeper connections, broaden you knowledge, increase your reach and find opportunities


No matter where you are in your career, raising your game is critical to your professional development. Take advantage of AAPLN's  exclusive content from  industry leaders across a spectrum of topics to help you grow in your professional journey.


Elevate your career or your business.  Find your next step or provide an opportunity for a fellow AAPLN member through our exclusive AALPN career board and network.  Share advice and find partners to grow and accelerate your business and brand.


Whether you are looking to be mentored or are open to mentoring others, mentorship is a key pillar of AAPLN.  No matter where you are in your career, a mentor can help guide you through the different challenges of your career, through the API lense. 

Our Founding Team

Inclusive Community

AAPLN's mission is to help API professionals advance on their careers, build meaningful relationships and break the bamboo ceiling.  We are an inclusive community of AAPI professionals and those who support our mission.  Our goal is to build community across all of our AAPI communities regardless of location, stage of career, sexual orientation, disability, faith/spirituality, and military service.  Our goal is to foster connections and conversations in a safe and supportive space.

Connect with a network of leading AAPI professionals. Build connections, and create a personal network of peers and advisors.  Gain access to prominent business experts, thought leaders, and other exclusive content to help you grow as a professional and leader.  Give back, mentor and inspire other API professionals to make a meaningful impact and lead in both the private and public sectors.

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