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Raise Your Game

AAPLN is the private network AAPI professionals rely on to advance their careers, build meaningful relationships, and raise their professional game.

We Have Been Silent Long Enough

For too long, we have been branded the "model minority." The silent ones, who are expected to work hard, look down, and just go with the flow. If we simply studied or worked harder than anyone else, people will notice us. We will get the recognition and that promotion we deserve without having to shout it from the rooftop. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. 

The Data Don't Lie

*McKinsey & Company Asian American workers: Diverse outcomes and hidden challenges.  2022 

It's Not Just What You Know
It's Also Who You Know

AAPLN helps Asian Americans in business, non-profits, government, and academia build meaningful relationships. Connect with Asian Americans who actually want to connect. Learn from industry leaders and connect with other AAPI professionals across roles, functions, and industries to broaden your knowledge, network, and opportunities. See all the key benefits the premier Asian professional network offers our members.

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Connections hold the key to new opportunities, and support.  Find mentors or mentor others. Get to know other members inside our community, 1 on 1, in groups, the community forum, virtual and future in person events or through our virtual fireside chats events.  Collaborate and develop opportunities, and have fun with other API professionals and leaders.

Level Up

AAPLN memberships come packed with tools, tips, and smart cuts from industry leaders that you can apply right away to see a measurable impact.  Filtered through the AAPI lens just for you.  Access exclusive videos, workshops, trainings, fireside chats and more from industry leaders, influencers and experts.  

Steps going up on an orange wall representing leveling up
On the Top

Rise Up

Nobody will recognize your hard work and brilliance unless you market yourself and have some help along the way.  Find mentors or mentors others.  Leverage your community and our tools like our exclusive job board, member spotlight, business showcases and more to help you achieve the next level in your career or business.  Overcome the bamboo ceiling and workplace bias with the support from our community and finally take your seat at the table. 

Unleash Your Potential

The Asian American Professionals and Leaders Network is a private member community of AAPI professionals in all industries helping each other raise our professional game, build meaningful and supportive relationships and advance in our careers.  Join the premier AAPI professional network today!

"Dig the Well Before You are Thirsty"

Chinese Proverb

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